• Leather goods

    Leather goodsLeather goods

    Sewn leather, artificial leather and textile materials. Bonded composites of leather, vinyl and plastic. Production of leather goods, packaging cases.

  • Metal working

    Metal workingMetal working

    Precision cutting, stamping, hardening, nickel plating, CNC machining, tumbling, electric discharge machining (EDM), wire production, production of manicure tools.

  • Pilgrim brewery

    Pilgrim breweryPilgrim brewery

    Bottom-fermented lager beers prepared by traditional czech technology without pasteurization.

DUP Cooperative

DUP - is a cooperative company with approximately 130 employees that has business operations in several areas:

  • The Metal Products factory in Nový Rychnov is a traditional manufacturer of scissors, tweezers, nail files and other tools used for manicure and pedicure. Precision cutting, stamping, heat treatment, electroplating and other technologies are also used for the custom production of small metal components in cooperative programs with our other business partners.
  • The Leather Goods factory in Pelhřimov provides the technology and skills for the production of leather wares in leather and other materials. In addition to traditionally manufactured briefcases and manicure set cases, we also manufacture boxes, cases and leather goods of many different configurations according to our customer's needs. We also produce various sewn assemblies and parts for the automotive, furniture and healthcare industries.
  • The Pilgrim Brewery in Pelhřimov brews a traditional beer which we supply to a network of restaurants and shops in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and export to other countries.

DUP - družstvo

Řemenovská 1999
393 01 Pelhřimov
Czech Republic

DUP Nový Rychnov

Nový Rychnov 9
394 04 Nový Rychnov
Czech Republic

Pilgrim brewery

Pivovarská 856
393 01 Pelhřimov
Czech Republic