About us

In 1945, the Pelhřimov based company known as DUP was a cooperative art industry and its first products were wooden, hand-painted bowls, toys and puppets.

Square Pelhřimov

In 1947 the company switched to the production of leather goods.

In 1949, production of metal components for the manicure and pedicure trade began and the DUP company gradually became the largest manufacturer of manicure and pedicure sets in Czechoslovakia and its production began to be exported to many countries, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

After 1990, the DUP company's business diversified into 3 main areas:

  • The Metal Products factory continues to produce manicure and pedicure tools and also manufactures small machined metal parts for customers in other industries.
  • The Leather Goods factory supplies a wide range of cases, bags, packaging and parts for our business partners and direct customers.
  • The Pilgrim Brewery, which DUP has owned since 2001, brews and delivers the Pilgrim beer brand.

DUP - družstvo

Řemenovská 1999
393 01 Pelhřimov
Czech Republic

DUP Nový Rychnov

Nový Rychnov 9
394 04 Nový Rychnov
Czech Republic

Pilgrim brewery

Pivovarská 856
393 01 Pelhřimov
Czech Republic