Cosmetic and hairdressing cases

Manufacture of cosmetic suitcases of leather, artificial leather (synthetic leather) and other materials.

Manufacture of cosmetic luggage (bigger size: 31 × 21 × 19 cm) and suitcases (small size: 24 × 16 × 16 cm) made of leather, vinyl and other materials. The outer material is updated regularly to reflect current fashion trends. Cases have transparent storage compartments for cosmetic products for individual consumers and professionals.

Production of hairdressing suitcases and briefcases fastened by one or two hinged locks. Hairdressing cases are made of leather, imitation leather or light textiles without a rigid frame. The internal layout allows for the organized storage of hairdressing equipment. This layout can be modified to suit the customer.

  • Cosmetic suitcases in various colors
  • Black hairdressing case
  • Red cosmetic suitcase
  • Pink cosmetic suitcase
  • 100 7194

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