Production of backpacks, shoulder and carry bags and handbags

Carry bags for different trades, transport and postal bags and shopping bags, leather backpacks and bags.

Sewing and production of installer/tradesmen bags made of leather or Barex, also netbags and tool belts. Production of installer/craftsmen designs for bags in various trades. Production of shoulder postal bags and handbags for mail carrier pullcarts and distributors of brochures and advertising materials.

Production of nylon bags for shopping pullcarts with a height-adjustable handle, manufacture of nylon bags for various purposes (beer bottle bag, promotional bag, etc.). Sewn leather backpacks or custom leather and nylon according to customer requirements. We assemble cases, containers and bags for sports equipment and travel needs to satisfy customer requirements. Production of advertising and presentation of leather goods and wares.

  • Carry bags for different trades and tool belts
  • Beer bag
  • Carry bags for different trades and shopping bag
  • Tool belts and bag for cartridges

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