Production of packaging and cases for instruments and tools

Packs and cases made ​​of nylon and synthetic leather. Sewing and welded packaging and cases of leather, nylon and plastics to order. Sales of custom-made presentation tents.

Sewing and production of casings and packaging for fragile equipment, support harnesses and vests for portable equipment such as film cameras, etc. Custom sewn leather, artificial leather and nylon covers and cases for film, sound, lighting and other equipment to satisfy stringent customer requirements.

We produce covers and cases for tool sets, knives, utensils and cutlery. Sewn tubing and other containers of leather, artificial leather, nylon and other materials. Production of glued/bonded cases for first aid kits, tools and equipment.

Sales of custom-made presentation tents with our own production of sturdy metal frames.

  • Covers for knives
  • Cases and covers for film equipment
  • Green presentation tent
  • Frames of presentation tent

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