Technologies and materials

Production and sewing of leather, artificial leather, nylon, polyester fabrics, foam, plastics and rubber.

Technology and production machines

  • Cutting textile and similar materials on paper cutters and shear
  • Die-cutting bridge press for punching parts made of leather, artificial leather, rubber, soft plastics, etc.
  • High frequency welding/bonding of plastics and other similar materials
  • Bonding, riveting and other bonding/fastening methods of materials
  • Surface finishing and decorating materials: blind embossing, silk-screen and foil (gold and silver, etc.) printing, etc.
  • Heavy sewing of leather and other materials on one and two-needle industrial sewing machines: Dürkopp ADLER, PFAFF, MINERVA, JUKI
  • Fine textile sewing on SIRUBA industrial sewing machine


Natural, genuine leather

Leather of various animal stock – pigs, cattle, etc. A range of surface finishes in a variety of colors, designs and material thicknesses. Leather products are pleasant to the touch, stylish and good-looking and with suitable care and treatment last a very long time.

Synthetic leathers

Artificial or imitation leathers are made of synthetic textile materials, which can be manufactured combined with not only synthetic fibers, but also fabrics based on natural materials. Usually composed of two layers, the base and textile upper layer are made of PVC or PUR. The upper layer can be finished to any desired design or appearance. There are a number of other custom modifications available (flame resistance, biocompatibility, etc.). A favorite material providing easy maintainence.

Polyester fabrics

A fabric coating of polyester fiber is usually fitted on the reverse side. The finished fabric is waterproof and due to its versatility, has universally been used in the manufacture of backpacks, athletic bags, shoulder and handbags, and various cases. Polyester fabrics are easy to maintain.

Foam - padding – high-density foam

We use different types of polyurethane foams, traditionally called foam. The end use of the foam determines its thickness, weight and compressibility. Special products can utilise foams certified for specific purposes. Polyethylene foam retains its shape and provides impact protection.

Expanded or laminated foam

Combination of fabrics and polyurethane foam layers, when using a flame is applied to the textile foam. The resulting solid material is mainly used for the inner lining.

Rubber and plastic materials

Foils and strips of different compositions: die-cut finishing, high-frequency welding and other types of bonding.

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