Machinery for precision cutting, stamping, milling, wire EDM, degreasing, grinding, tumbling and plating.

KIRA CNC milling center

Precision cutting

Precision cutting of materials on Feintool presses in tensile strength 550 MPa and thickness of 8 mm. Feintool GKP cutting press 160 with clamping table: 500 × 470 mm and Feintool GKP 250: with clamping table: 540 × 540 mm.

Eccentric pressing

Pressing on ŠMERAL eccentric presses with 6-63 t force.

KIRA CNC milling center

Basic table size: 500 x 300 mm beginning X and Y: 270 × 320 mm.

Electric discharge machining

HITACHI EDM Wire with utility trolley: 400 × 250 × 210 mm.

Surface grinding

Berger carousel grinders - DRS1 with tolerance: 0.1 to 0.2 mm. Max. size: horizontal to 1 dm2, power up to 10 mm.

Heat treating

Heat treatment in controlled atmospheres to temperatures of 1000 ° C. Maximum width of the processed product: 150 mm.

Mass tumbling

Tumbling and deburring using ceramic grinding bodies (Keramofinish). Chemical polishing equipment using polishing media and chemical compounds. Polishing metal in wooden mills.
Equipment: Rösler machines - 7×, Rösler TURBOFLOCK equipment - 1×, Kovofinish 5×, VIS vibrating mills.

Bulk metal electroplating (in drums)

Polished surfaces of nickel and brass galvanically deposited in drums for small parts of steel, copper and brass.
Plating Ni, MS Ni + MS MS + Ni in the Ni layer: up to 10 mm and the MS layer: up to 2 mm. Drum capacity up to 30 kg.
Ni electroplating: (3600 liters) or electrolyte MS (850 l).

Rack electroplating

Electroplating of suspended parts of steel, copper and brass up to dimensions 300 × 800 × 1800 mm in Ni electrolyte: 2,100. Electroplated parts up to 15 mm layer of nickel.

Vapor degreasing in perchlorate

Degreasing in ADS machine from the firm Pure Solve - water based. Automatic degreasing system, 780 mm diameter basket, basket load 200 kg.

Wire reduction

Reduction of wire to defined lengths, maximum wire diameter: 4 mm.

Manual work

Grinding, cutting and assembly work.

  • Wire cutter
  • Manual work
  • Machines for mass tumbling
  • Feintool presse for precision cutting of materials

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