Division DUP


Precision cutting, stamping, hardening, nickel plating, CNC machining, tumbling, electric discharge machining (EDM), wire production, production of precision cutting tools.

Production of manicure scissors, pliers, pincers and pedicure scissors for nail and skin. Nail files, tweezers and small manicure tools.
Small dimension metal parts are made to order for clients in the electronics, automotive and other industries. The production also includes other metal components utilised in mass production. Custom manufacturing of precision cutting tools and other shearing and bending tools. Production to satisfy drawings and individual customer requirements.
Certifikates: ISO 9001:2000, IAFT/TS 16949 a ISO 14001.

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Sewn leather, artificial leather and textile materials. Bonded composites of leather, vinyl and plastic.
Production of business, cosmetic and hairdressing briefcases, organizeres, folders for files and documents. Manicure and pedicure sets made of leather or synthetic leather in various designs and custom equipped to your own design. Sewn parts and components for automotive, airplane, furniture and rehabilitation industry.

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Brewery POUTNIK ( PILGRIM) in city Pelhrimov where the first written mention of beer brewing dates back to 1379.

Light beer, light lager and lager specials are produced by a traditional technological process which involves the decoction brewing method, bottom fermentation in the fermenting room and subsequent long-term aging in lagering tanks.. POUTNIK Beer is bottled unpasteurized so retaining its maximum nutrition and fine taste and delivered to market in barrels and bottles.

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