DUP cooperativeDUP cooperativeEstablished in 1945. A company with 130 employees in three different divisions. A reliable partner for domestic and foreign customers.

Division DUP


Production of scissors, nail cutters and clippers for manicure and pedicure. Nail files, tweezers and small manicure tools. Customized metal parts for clients in the electronics, automotive, and other industries. Precise cutting, pressing, hardening, nickel plating, CNC machining, deburring, electroerosive machining, wire program. Custom production of tools requiring precise cut as well as of other shearing and bending tools. Production according drawings and individual customer requirements.

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Sewing of leather, artificial leather and textile materials. Welding of leather, artificial leather and plastic materials. Production of business, cosmetic, and hairdressing cases, special cases, organizers and file folders. Manicure and pedicure sets in various designs with different equipment. Tool, transportation, postal and shopping bags and backpacks. Sewn parts and components for the automotive, aviation, furniture and rehabilitation industries.

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Brewery POUTNIK (PILGRIM) in the city of Pelhrimov, where the first written beer brewing reference dates back to 1379. Light beer, light lager beer and special lager beers are produced by a traditional technological process that includes the decoction brewing method, bottom fermentation in the fermentation room and subsequent long-term conditioning in lager tanks. Poutnik Beer is bottled without pasteurisation so that it retains its maximum nutritional value and taste. Poutnik Beer is delivered in barrels and bottles.

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