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About us

In 1945, a company named DUP was founded in Pelhřimov. DUP´s first products were small wooden boxes, toys and puppets, but soon DUP switched to the production of leather and textile haberdashery, especially cosmetic kits for body care. Due to the great interest in these products, in 1949 the production of its own metal tools for manicure and pedicure was started and DUP gradually became the largest manufacturer of cosmetic, manicure and pedicure sets and business cases in the former Czechoslovakia.

From the mid 1950s, DUP also began to export its production, so that products with the DUP logo – a stylized linden leaf – became well-known in all countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

After 1990, production and business relations had to be adapted to new conditions, and DUP began to develop production cooperation in other fields and established business relations with customers in the countries of the European Union and beyond. In 2001, DUP acquired the Pelhřimov brewery and expanded its production activities to include brewing.

Today, DUP is a production cooperative with approximately 130 employees, operating in several fields.

The METALL division in Nový Rychnov is a traditional manufacturer of scissors, tweezers, files and other tools used for manicure and pedicure sets. Metalworking production technologies, such as precision cutting, stamping, heat treatment, galvanic coating and others, are also used for cooperative production of smaller metal parts for customers in many manufacturing fields.

The GALA division in Pelhřimov sews cases, packaging, leather and textile haberdashery for various purposes according to customer needs. In addition to the traditional production of suitcases and manicure sets, it also supplies various products and sewn parts for the automotive, furniture, healthcare and rehabilitatiion industries.

The BEER division includes Poutník brewery in Pelhřimov, which brews Pilsner type bottom fermented beer in a traditional way, which it supplies to restaurants and shops in the Czech Republic, and exports to Slovakia and other countries.